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Concept: Open Hardware USB based TPM and Crypto Device



After a few hours designing in EAGLE CAD, we have developed a rough concept of the Open Hardware USB based TPM.   A SAM4S microcontroller from Atmel featuring an ARM Cortex M4 which operates at 120MHz maximum speed.  This device contains Atmel’s full suite of CryptoAuthentication and an SPI version of their TCG 1.2 Trusted Platform Module.

Atmel offers an evaluation kit for the Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ Family in the same enclosure we intend on building the openTPM. The enclosure is a USB-31 series from Polycase.

banner_AT88CK490 (1)


We are setting out to build a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) into a USB form factor.

This should afford an easy way to add TPM capabilities to a device that lacks this important feature.  The TPM is usually built in at the factory or offered as part of an add-on card.  We can build a hardware root-of-trust for signing certificates, hashing data and generating random numbers.  This is essential for proper cryptography to work in a trusted environment.

Our initial offering will include an Atmel AT97SC3205 trusted security module that conforms to Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Main v1.2, r116, TIS v1.3 specifications.  USB functionality will be provided by an Atmel SAM4S microcontroller operating at 120MHz.