Atmel offers two separate development kits for their CryptoAuthenication product line and the Trusted Platform Modules (TPM).


Photo from Atmel

The Atmel AT97SC3205P-SDK2 Development Kit is a custom USB board based upon the Atmel SAM4S ARM microcontroller and the Atmel AT97SC3205 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) device with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

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Photo from Atmel

The AT88CK490 evaluation kit for the Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ Family includes the Atmel ATSHA204, ATAES132, and ATECC108 devices.

Cryptologix offers a Cryptocape for the BeagleBone and a Cryptoshield for the Arduino. These circuit boards contain CryptoAuthentication for the Elliptical Curve, SHA and AES ciphers from Atmel. In addition, a real-time clock and EEPROM are included. A “trusted” Atmel ATMega328 8-bit AVR secondary processor is used on the Cryptocape. This is the same processor found in the Arduino variant of development boards. A secondary processor is not found on the Cryptoshield.



Photo by Sparkfun Electronics


A hook-up guide for the Cryptoshield by Sparkfun.


Photo by Sparkfun Electronics

hook-up guide for the Cryptoshield also by Sparkfun.

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